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Roof Shingles

Storm Damaged Roof?

Have you had your roof inspected?

So many of our clients are unaware of the potential long term damage that a strong storm can cause to your roof. Hail, high winds, and debris can all compromise the integrity of roof exposing your home to leaks, rot, and mold among other issues. Get in touch with our team that can help you navigate the steps necessary to replace your roof at little or no cost to you!



Schedule roof inspection

If you suspect that your roof has been affected by hail, high winds, or debris make sure to call us today to schedule your free roof inspection.


File a Claim

If our physical roof assessment indicates that your roof has been compromised with sufficient damage to require a full replacement it's time to call your homeowners insurance and file a claim.


Make sure your roofing contractor is present

It is always a good idea to make sure your roofing contractor is able to meet your insurance adjuster to maximize the results of your second inspection. This final inspection will determine if your homeowners insurance will approve or deny your replacement claim.


Physical Roof Assessment 

As a certified roofer with years of experience working with insurance adjusters we will assess your entire roof and determine if your roof requires a replacement.


Schedule a second inspection with your insurance adjuster

Once you file a claim your insurance company will have a claim adjuster contact you to schedule a second inspection to be performed by your insurance claim adjuster.


Schedule your roof replacement

Once your claim has been approved call us right away to schedule your roof replacement and let our team take care of the rest!

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